Local Information

There is so much to see and do in Orkney.

We a have a range of books and leaflets in our guest sitting area providing information on Orkney’s many historical and archaeology sites, and the many other festivals, events and activities available in Orkney.


Where to start? Orkney probably has more archaeological sites than anywhere else in Scotland.

You can visit sites spanning some 8,000 years from the Mesolithic through Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Vikings, Medieval and up to 1st and 2nd World Wars sites.

For a list of early historical sites from 3800BC to late 1300s visit the Orkneyjar website.

Of these sites one that has figured prominently in TV and in the press is the Ness of Brodgar close to the Ring of Brodgar.

Orkney figured prominently in both world wars with the British Grand Fleet based at Scapa Flow during World War One. This was also where Admiral von Reuter ordered the scuttling of the German fleet. Eight partial wrecks still remain.

During the Second World War the Churchil Barriers were constructed to link the South Isles to the Orkney Mainland.

Another must see legacy of the Second World War is the Italian Chapel with its amazing internal artwork including a painting of Madonna and Child, built from two Nissan huts by Italian POW's.


Pickaquoy Leisure Centre
The Pickaquoy sports and leisure centre is just over a mile from Fairhaven.

The Pickaquoy Centre is a first class sports, arts, conference and social facility, offering an excellent range of activities for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Orkney Golf Club
If you fancy a round of golf Orkney Golf Club is only 2 miles away and offer golf club hire if you don't have yours with you.

For those enjoying nature walks, we are close to local walks, such as Seatter Farm to Berstane Road and Inganess Bay, Wideford Farm and onto Scapa Beach.

Wideford Burn is a circular walk of 3.5m following the course of Wideford Burn with a 1.86m extension to Kirkwall via Scapa Bay - Wideford Burn Walk(PDF)